Chantilly Lace Vincent with Los High Tops

Chantilly Lace Vincent (Rock and Roll Hall of fame inductee Gene Vincent’s granddaughter) brings her own blend of new original neo-rockabilly music, along with the music of Gene Vincent and his peers.

Rockabilly / Americana / Country

A crowd favorite for Rockabilly & Roots festivals and car shows, and a superb support act for touring Rockabilly, Americana, or alt-Country acts.

Very professional and very reasonable.

A rich legacy

They’ve played with the best Rockabilly, Psychobilly and Americana acts around the country.

Big to small, we play them all

From big festivals like the Route 66 Rendezvous, Ink-N-Irons in Long Beach and Nashville, Viva Las Vegas 5 & 17, the Memphis International Rockabilly Festival, to small road houses and car shows, Los High Tops with Chantilly Lace Vincent put on a danceable, fun show.

Two bands in one!

Promoters book Chantilly Lace Vincent and Los High Tops as two distinct acts during festivals. Two acts for the price of one! (Ink-N-Irons Nashville and Long Beach, Riverside’s Rockabilly Extravaganza, Reno Rockabilly Riot and Reno Rockabilly Rumble and the Memphis International Rockabilly Festival.)

Current Radio Play

Current radio (terrestrial & internet) plays on various Roots and Rockabilly shows.

credit: Roger M Photog
credit: Roger M Photog

Chantilly Lace Vincent & Los High Tops

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